About us

We draw ideas from our passion.

About us

We are a team of young specialists who create innovative plastic products.
We have been operating in the industry since 2009. We implement projects comprehensively—from the design stage to execution—thanks to our team of qualified constructors and an extensive machine park, which consists of professional thermoforming machines and CNC numerical milling machines. In our work, we use materials such as: PVC, PET, PET-ESD, PP, PS, PE, PS-ESD, ABS.

The experience that we have gained over our many years of working with plastics enables us to choose the raw material in such a way as to ensure optimal technical specifications and meet the requirements of our customers.


Our mission is to create innovative and modern plastic products based on ideas arising from our passion. We focus on continuous development and expanding the knowledge of our staff to meet the growing market demands. As a socially responsible company, we try to implement projects aimed at improving the quality of life and supporting the environment.


In the further perspective of the company’s development, we plan to expand the production plant as well as our range of services. The natural step is the implementation of modern technologies and the latest solutions available on the market. We strive to achieve an organizational level that ensures the highest quality of services for our existing and new customers.

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