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Go kart bodywork

We manufacture high quality car body components for go-carts – front spoiler guard, which is also a bumper, steering column guard and side guards. We make a special order, unusual elements. Our products are valued on the market.

We equip the karts with a very safe, fully built body, anti-shock, which guarantee safe and comfortable driving. The revolutionary design of the outer body significantly improves driver safety and extends the life of the go-kart part.

Implementation of the transport system in a TV factory

In cooperation with PCBpackig, we made and implemented in a factory producing branded televisions, a transport system for RTV elements. The system allows convenient transport of RTV components between the factories. The guiding idea in the design of specially matched plastic molds was to guarantee safety when moving parts.

Robot – Giraff

One of our last reazlizations is the design and production of ROBOT housing that protects old and sick people – devices that through video conferencing enable contact with loved ones at home. MaxForm as the only company in the region can boast of making such a prestigious order.